Why Laugh N Learn Academy?

Well that's easy, because we are the best at what we do! We have a proven track record of over 8 years in successfully caring for your little loved ones. Located just off of ____ Road, we are the perfect choice for a Daycare in Bradenton!

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Educational Programs (Innovations Comprehensive Curriculum )

As more American children enter formal childcare programs at earlier ages and for longer hours, that need for legitimacy becomes even stronger. Although formal education in the United States typically starts with kindergarten at age 5, the average American child under age 3 spent more than 30 hours weekly in childcare. Parents are no longer simply selecting the closest child-care center with spots available, but are instead participating in a two-way selection process to find the right fit for their child and the educational philosophy that best matches their own. Laugh N Learn Academy combines the need for child care and education.

Sample Schedule 

Routines and Schedules Are Important Because:

They influence a child's emotional, cognitive, and  social development. They help children feel secure.  Children often have trouble with transitions from one activity in the day to the next.  A predictable routine will help ease most transitions. A structured routine will also greatly help the caregiver.  A routine will help you meet the needs of multiple children. Would you like to know what a typical day at Laugh N Learn Academy looks like?  


Field Trips

Field trips are a nice way to enhance the learning your children are doing at your center/home.  If you study fish with your class, you can take the kids to an aquarium.  If you study apples or fruit, an apple orchard might be a good choice.  Furthermore, you can use field trips to give the kids a change of pace and a chance to do something they don't usually get to do.  Would you like to know that types of places Laugh N Learn Academy like to take their kids?